Prices are per week with a Saturday Changeover, however other change over days are possible upon enquiry.

Payment is available either by cheque, bank transfer or by most Credit Cards via PayPal or Western Union.

Please check availability by e-mail or phone before paying.

When using your Credit Card or PayPal account there is an additional charge of 4% per transaction. If paying by cheque then please see the Conditions of Booking.

Please enquire about other changeovers and durations in Mid and Low Season. To pay by Credit Card then please email us and we will send you a bill via PayPal or Western Union.


Payment By Credit Card:

If you wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card then this is achieved by using the International Secure Money Transfer System called PayPal. Alternatively you can pay by Western Union. If you wish to pay by either of these methods please contact us first as we need to advise you of the correct procedure.

If you haven't used PayPal before then, in brief, it is a method of paying for goods via the Internet using your credit card to any company or individual that has an e-mail address. When you use it for the first time it will ask you some details and then will set up an account for you with PayPal. You will get a confirmation e-mail that you have to respond to before your account is activated. There will be a spending limit applied to you as an individual and there is an initial limit on your first transaction until your account has been validated. So you may find that you do not have enough limit to pay us! If this happens then you need follow the PayPal procedure from their website.

Your Breakage Deposit shall be refunded according to the Conditions of Booking to your PayPal account. You can then either transfer it from your PayPal account to your Bank Account or leave in your PayPal account to make other purchases online with other companies or with us next year! It is a very safe way of paying by Credit Card and if you look on their website you can see more information about their company and insurance. They have in excess of 20 million account holders and are growing by 28,000 accounts per day. They are very good at e-mailing you throughout the process so that you feel in control but be patient as sometimes their website can be a bit slow due to the high levels of traffic. Paypal



Mid and Pre-High prices are for 2 guests per Gites.Additional guests are charged at 70€ per week, up to maximum capacity.